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Use Freedom app to mod your favourite Android games and extend your gameplay with unlimited lives or in-game currency.

Freedom is an Android app that appeals more so to power users than to regular users. It is an app designed to override default app settings on stock Android OS. Although you can download Freedom app on the Google Play Store, its true power can be revealed only on rooted devices. Therefore we strongly recommend to root your Android phone before installing Freedom or the app will be pretty much useless.


Freedom App Overview

Just like any mobile devices, whether they are powered by iOS or Windows Phone, Android phones come with a myriad of bloatware apps that are impossible to delete unless the phone is rooted. After rooting your phone, Freedom app can alter application settings that are otherwise impossible to modify. You can disable and even uninstall / delete any app on your device, even ones from your phone’s manufacturer. One app that provides more liberty in dealing with apps is SuperSU, but it requires more knowledge about the insides of Android OS.

Another feature that stands out is the ability the modify existing game apps on your device. If you want to cheat on your favourite game all you need to do is to use Freedom app to give you more lives / coins or whatever currency your game requires. Keep in mind that game altering is limited to single player games that do not need an internet connection to be played. It is still impossible to modify online playing games.


  • ability to alter all existing apps on your device
  • mod your favourite games to extend gameplay


  • needs a rooted device to work
  • limited to offline games

One big disadvantage of Freedom app is the requirement of a rooted device, but that is a limitation of the mobile ecosystem, not an error by the app. If you are not satisfied with Freedom, you can give Lucky Patcher a look, but remember it too needs your phone rooted before anything can be modified to your needs.

Also rooting your device is not error-proofed. There are some instances when the process fails and you end up with a bricked device that most manufacturers refuse to exchange.


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